About Us

The Need 

The village of Beyin and its surrounding villages in rural of Ghana never considered education an important part of their lives. The residents in these villages have traditionally been farmers and fishermen and the vision for their children was to simply learn their trade. The schools that do exist in this area are poor quality and do not provide the education needed to advance beyond their present situation or the skills needed to pass the entrance exam for high school. This is in contrast to the schools in large cities where the Ghana educational system maintains good programs for their students. Providing a school like Holy Name of Mary Academy could help fill the void in education and difficulties that these rural areas face.

Vision of Hope 

Holy Name of Mary Academy believes that education and studying is a means of obtaining a deeper understanding and knowledge of a variety of subjects which can be applied to daily life. Education expands our vision and perspective of life and helps us to explore new ideas. It is the most important element in the evolution of a nation. Without these skills a nations’ possibilities are limited. Children are our future and during this phase of their development they gain social skills and mental capabilities. When exposed to their possible potential and an opportunity for self-discovery, they are able to develop a vision of hope and expand their dreams beyond their current life experience.