Success Stories



In his role of Superintendent, Emmamuel supervised the construction of the school and has been handling the operations since its establishment in September, 2010. As interim Principal, he takes care fot he school in the absence of Fr. Ralph.  He has been very influential in building up the school and in helping make a big difference int he lives of these children.


Darius entered Holy Name of Mary School in 2010 and successfully completed the 9th grade in 2017. 

Darius worked hard to achieve his goal of passing the entrance exam for high school in Ghana. 

He attended St. John’s Senior High School, and after completing he went to the University of Ghana, where he studies computer Technology and Education.


Willie came to Holy Name of Mary as a kindergartener and continued through to the ninth grade. 

He Successfully mastered each grade and graduated to St. Mary’s Minor Seminary after passing his high school entrance exam. 

He hopes to continue on to the major Seminary and one day be ordained
a Catholic priest.


Grace came from the war-torn Ivory Coast to attend Holy Name of Mary School from 2010-2017. 

After completing her studies at our school she successfully passed the entrance exam for High School and attended Fiaseman Senior High School. 

Grace returned to the Ivory Coast to pursue a career in Journalism.


Diana entered Holy Name of Mary at the 6th grade level and continued on to the ninth. After graduating and passing the entrance exam for high school she entered Half Assini Senior High School. 

She continues to be an inspiration to local children because of her English language skills which she acquired at our school. 


Mavis had been a very good student throughout her time at Holy Name of Mary. 

She entered Nsein Senior High School, after graduating from our school. 

She is very active and Influential in the village. Mavis regularly is a lector at the local Catholic Church.


Priscilla grew up in Beyin and attended Holy Name of Mary as one of their first students. 

Priscilla has a zest for life and desires to achieve all she can. 

She worked hard and successfully completed all grades from 4th to 9th grade. 

After passing the entrance exam for high school she
attended Ahantaman Senior High School. 

Priscilla is now in University of Mines and Technology studying to become mechanical engineer.


Beatrice lost her father when she was in the 4 th grade at Holy Name of Mary School. 

She has been in the care of Fr. Ralph since then. She is now at Huni Valley Senior High School, after successfully
passing the entrance exams. 

She desires to become a nurse in future.


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